Gobo Projector Hire

Themed Image Projection

What is a Gobo Projector?

Our newest party prop – A gobo is a round glass or metal disc with an image sketched onto it.

Inserted into our special projector it illuminates the image onto any surface in any venue…
Looks stunning!

Transform your venue with an iconic image shining brightly on a wall or on the dance floor – Resizable it can be projected to up to 5m x 5m and will have an amazing impact when your guests enter the room!

Specially modified for the events industry our gobo projectors come with an extra strong bulb ensuring a bright image at your party.


Gobo designs

We have adapted the most iconic images of your chosen party theme and turned them into dazzling gobo projected images.

Lots of designs to choose from within each party theme, just choose your theme to see your options.

The Gobo Projector is a very versatile party decoration that can be displayed on walls or floors! Great for award ceremonies, parties, conferences and product launches.
You choose the projection to be static or you can set it to rotate left or right.

We can also create bespoke gobo images, customise with your company logo, name, message or photo.

Gobo Projector – Minimum effort, maximum effect!

Easy and versatile

Our Gobo Projectors are our most impressive looking party prop to hire – easily setup by 1 person and give the best effect, just plugin and go!

Want to create the ultimate red carpet entrance and light up the outside of your venue outside?
No problem, we offer an ‘outside kit’ as an upgrade, just click the add when choosing your Gobo.

We have limited numbers of gobo projectors so book yours today!

Easy peasy prop hire –
You book / We deliver / You setup / We collect