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About us – Our story

Party decorations from the internet
We started our company after hosting a disappointing Las Vegas themed party…
In the planning stages we thought we’d buy a load of props from a well known internet auction site and from a few party websites….

The photos on the websites made the party decorations look really good, and we got a bit carried away and ended up spending over £200, however….

When they arrived we realised that they weren’t quite as big or the quality wasn’t as good as we had assumed…

Plastic tat would be best to describe them.

Big business prop hire
We had a bit of time before our party so we looked into hiring some props from a couple of Prop Hire companies.

Most of the companies we contacted were more suitable for large corporate events, the delivery charges were very expensive along with a high minimum spend…
This made it far too expensive for us to do.

Party decoration fail…
Realising that the big prop hire wasn’t an option and that we had spent quite a bit of money on the party props we went ahead and used the party decorations.

The party went ok and everyone had fun but the room just didn’t look as fab as we wanted it to…
The party decorations were thrown away and now sitting in our local land fill.

A new way to dress your party room
After the party we talked about party decorations and figured out that to theme your party room there is either expensive big business prop hire that is out of most people’s budget or buy cheap decorations that have travelled half way round the world to spend 1 night in a party room before being thrown away…

This got us thinking and we came up with the idea of Props 4 Parties:
– To offer affordable quality fabulous party prop hire packages to help theme the average sized function room or home party.
And to do this on a hire basis so we aren’t encouraging single use plastic.

      Props 4 Parties was formed……


  • Fabulous
  • Affordable
  • Reusable

We hope you like our website and if we don’t currently stock party props of your chosen theme then just get in touch as we’re always looking to expand our range…

Lou & Dave

Admin team
Props 4 Parties x