How does it work?

Prop Hire for your Party

It couldn’t be easier!

    • We deliver props to you a couple of days before your event
    • You set up props, make your room look fab and have a great party! 😃
    • Put the props back in the box and we’ll collect them from you a few days after your party

1 – Before your event

Decide on your party theme and choose some party decoration props you wanted to hire.

Add the items to your basket.

At the checkout input the date you wanted your props to be delivered and collected.

**We suggest we deliver at least 2 days before your event… Just incase!**

2- Setup

All our props have been designed with easy setup in mind.

**We suggest practicing setting up before your party day to make sure you are confident in setting up the props..**

Short ‘how to’ YouTube videos available on how to setup the different props we offer.

Once your party decorations are all setup wow your guests and have a fabulous party!

3 – Collection

After your party just breakdown the props and place them back in the box they came in.

Our courier will collect the party props on the day you chose as your collection day.


Party Prop Hire…
Done… Easy Peasy!

Event Backdrop hire

More Questions?

No problem, get in touch anytime 🙂
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