Quick and Easy Themed Party Decorations

1. Before

This is Mapperley Social Club, a great space for parties…

It has a good sized room for the average party guest numbers but just like many venues up and down the UK it has a few issues with theming the perfect party…

Lighting is either ‘on’ or ‘off’ and the room is quite bland and needs a lot of dressing up to before the ambiance of any themed party can be felt.


2. After 

We specialise in low effort, big impact party decorations… Ideal to transform any boring party venue or village hall into your chosen party theme.

Don’t spend all day blowing up balloons or take ages sticking up small plastic party decorations that have limited impact…

Do party decorations the smart and fabulous way and use our prop hire service.

Easy / visually stunning / great to build atmosphere at your themed party.

Easy Setup

As you can see from the video below our props only take a few minutes to setup.

In our example it took 7minutes to setup banners and backdrop…

Fair enough… We had a little head start and knew where we wanted to put the props, but you get the idea that 2 people can easily transform any venue in a matter of minutes… Easy Peasy.


How it works

Party prop hire couldn’t be easier….

– Choose your party props.
– We deliver your fab props a few days before your party.
– You setup the props in your party room (really easy!)
– Have a fab party!
– We collect the party decorations a couple of days after your party.

Choose your party theme 🙂